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Motorcycle catalog for year 19971997 motorcycle catalog

Motorcycle catalog with all 1997 models. Click on a model name to see the technical specifications, pictures, rating, discussions, etc.

You can also sell or buy these motorcycles through our efficient Bikez.biz Free Motorcycle Classifieds.

Please tell us about any 97 bikes not included, preferably with specifications. We would also be grateful for submission of photos where such are missing. You can get your bike and name on Bikez.

1997 motorcycle modelsBrandPicture
Aprilia Classic 125ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia Leonardo 125Aprilia 
Aprilia Moto 6.5ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia Pegaso 650ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia RS 125ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia RS 250ApriliaPhoto
Bimota MantraBimotaPhoto
Bimota SB6RBimotaPhoto
Bimota SB7Bimota 
Bimota SupermonoBimotaPhoto
Bimota Vdue 500
Bimota YB11
Bimota YB9 SRI
BMW F 650
BMW F 650 STBMWPhoto
BMW K 1100 LT HighlineBMWPhoto
BMW K 1200 RSBMWPhoto
BMW R 1100 GSBMWPhoto
BMW R 1100 RBMWPhoto
BMW R 1100 RSBMWPhoto
BMW R 1100 RTBMWPhoto
BMW R 80 GS BasicBMWPhoto
BMW R 850 RBMWPhoto
Buell M2 CycloneBuellPhoto
Buell S1 LightningBuellPhoto
Buell S3 ThunderboltBuell 
Buell S3T ThunderboltBuellPhoto
Cagiva Canyon 500CagivaPhoto
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Cagiva Canyon 600
Cagiva E 750 Elefant
Cagiva E 900 Elefant
Cagiva Grand Canyon 900 I.E.
Cagiva N1Cagiva 
Cagiva River 600CagivaPhoto
Cagiva Roadster 125CagivaPhoto
Cagiva Roadster 200CagivaPhoto
Cagiva W8 125CagivaPhoto
CZ 125CZPhoto
CZ 180CZ 
CZ 180 RolandCZPhoto
Daelim VS 125 AdvanceDaelimPhoto
Ducati 600 MonsterDucatiPhoto
Ducati 748 BipostoDucatiPhoto
Ducati 748 SDucatiPhoto
Ducati 748 SPDucatiPhoto
Ducati 750 MonsterDucatiPhoto
Ducati 750 SSDucatiPhoto
Ducati 900 MonsterDucatiPhoto
Ducati 900 Monster Solo
Ducati 900 SS
Ducati 916 Biposto
Ducati 916 Senna
Ducati 916 SPDucatiPhoto
Ducati 916 SPSDucatiPhoto
Ducati SS 600DucatiPhoto
Ducati ST2DucatiPhoto
Enfield 350 BulletEnfieldPhoto
Enfield 500 BulletEnfield 
Enfield 650 Super BulletEnfield 
Enfield DieselEnfieldPhoto
Enfield Lightning 550EnfieldPhoto
Fantic CaballeroFantic 
Fantic CustomFantic 
GAS GAS Pampera 125GAS GAS 
Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster HuggerHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster StandardHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Bad BoyHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide ConvertibleHarley-DavidsonPhoto
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Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide Low Rider
Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide
Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Road KingHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide StandardHarley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Fat BoyHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Softail CustomHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage SpringerHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Softail SpringerHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200Harley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 CustomHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 SportHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Honda CA 125 RebelHondaPhoto
Honda CB 1000 Super FourHondaPhoto
Honda CB 250 Two FiftyHondaPhoto
Honda CB 500HondaPhoto
Honda CB 750 Seven FiftyHondaPhoto
Free motorcylce ads Honda CBR 1000 F
Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird
Honda CBR 600 F
Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade
Honda CG 125Honda 
Honda CMX 250 RebelHondaPhoto
Honda CN 250Honda 
Honda F6C ValkyrieHondaPhoto
Honda GL 1500 Gold Wing AspencadeHondaPhoto
Honda GL 1500 Gold Wing SEHondaPhoto
Honda NSR 125HondaPhoto
Honda NTV 650HondaPhoto
Honda NX 650 DominatorHondaPhoto
Honda NX Trans CityHondaPhoto
Honda RVF 750 / RC 45HondaPhoto
Honda SLR 650HondaPhoto
Honda ST 1100 Pan-European ABSHonda 
Honda ST 1100 Pan-European STDHondaPhoto
Honda Tiger 2000HondaPhoto
Honda VF 750 CHondaPhoto
Honda VF 750 C MagnaHondaPhoto
Honda VFR 750 FHondaPhoto
Honda VT 1100 C2 Shadow ACEHondaPhoto
Honda VT 600 C ShadowHondaPhoto
Honda VT 750 C2 ShadowHondaPhoto
Honda VTR 1000 FHondaPhoto
Honda X4HondaPhoto
Honda XL 600 V TransalpHondaPhoto
Honda XRV 750 Africa TwinHondaPhoto
Husaberg FE 400 EHusaberg 
Husaberg FE 501 EHusabergPhoto
Husaberg FE 600 EHusabergPhoto
Husqvarna TE 410 EnduroHusqvarnaPhoto
Husqvarna TE 610 EnduroHusqvarna 
Husqvarna WR 125HusqvarnaPhoto
Husqvarna WRE 125Husqvarna 
Italjet Formula 125ItaljetPhoto
Jawa 250 Master/TempoJawa 
Jawa 350 ChopperJawa 
Jawa 350 StyleJawaPhoto
Jawa 350 TrampJawa 
Jawa Chopper 125Jawa 
Kawasaki 620 DukeKawasaki 
Kawasaki Eliminator 125KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki EN 500KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ER-5KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Estrella RSKawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 1100KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 500 SKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GTR 1000Kawasaki 
Kawasaki KLE 500KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KLR 250KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KLR 650KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KMX 125KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Ninja 100RRKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Ninja 100RRKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Ninja 250 RKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki VN 1500 ClassicKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki VN 800KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki VN 800 ClassicKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Zephyr 1100Kawasaki 
Kawasaki Zephyr 550KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Zephyr 750Kawasaki 
Kawasaki ZL 600 EliminatorKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZRX 1100KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-6R NinjaKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-7R NinjaKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-7RR NinjaKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-9R NinjaKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZZR 1100KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZZR 400KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZZR 600KawasakiPhoto
KTM 125 LC2KTMPhoto
KTM AdventureKTMPhoto
KTM Sting 125KTMPhoto
Kymco Heroism 125KymcoPhoto
Laverda 668LaverdaPhoto
Laverda 750 NLaverda 
Laverda 750 SLaverda 
Laverda GhostLaverdaPhoto
Laverda Ghost LegendLaverda 
Laverda Ghost StrikeLaverdaPhoto
MBK Flame 125MBK 
Moto Guzzi California 1100 FMoto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi California 1100 IMoto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi California 75Moto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi CentauroMoto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi Daytona RSMoto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi Ippogrifo V7Moto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi Nevada 750Moto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 InjectionMoto GuzziPhoto
Motolevo 125Motolevo 
MuZ 660 Skorpion ReplicaMuZ 
MuZ 660 Skorpion SportMuZPhoto
MuZ 660 Skorpion TourMuZ 
MuZ 660 Skorpion TravellerMuZ 
MuZ Red Star 500MuZPhoto
MuZ Saxon Country 500MuZPhoto
MuZ Saxon Sportstar 125MuZPhoto
MuZ Silver Star 500MuZPhoto
MZ Classic 125MZ 
MZ Classic 300MZ 
MZ Fun 300MZ 
MZ Sportstar 125MZPhoto
MZ Sportstar 300MZ 
Sachs SR 125Sachs 
Sachs ZX 125Sachs 
Simson Condor 125Simson 
Suzuki AN 125SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 125 SESuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 350 SESuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 650 SESuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 800 SSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GN 125SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GN 250Suzuki 
Suzuki GS 125 ESSuzuki 
Suzuki GS 500 ESuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSF 1200 N BanditSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSF 1200 S BanditSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSF 400 BanditSuzuki 
Suzuki GSF 600 N BanditSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSF 600 S BanditSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 600 FSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 750 FSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX-R 1100 WSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX-R 600SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX-R 750SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki LS 650 P SavageSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki RF 900 RSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki TL 1000 SSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki TU 250 XVSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VS 1400 GLP IntruderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VS 600 GL IntruderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VS 800 GL IntruderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VX 800Suzuki 
Suzuki VZ 800 MarauderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki XF 650 FreewindSuzukiPhoto
Sym Husky 125SymPhoto
Sym Super Duke 125Sym 
Triumph AdventurerTriumph 
Triumph Daytona 1200TriumphPhoto
Triumph Daytona T595TriumphPhoto
Triumph Speed Triple T509TriumphPhoto
Triumph Sprint 900TriumphPhoto
Triumph ThunderbirdTriumphPhoto
Triumph Tiger 900TriumphPhoto
Triumph Trident 750TriumphPhoto
Triumph Trident 900TriumphPhoto
Triumph Trophy 1200TriumphPhoto
Triumph Trophy 900TriumphPhoto
Ural De LuxeUral 
Ural SoloUral 
Ural TouristUral 
Yamaha DT 125 RYamahaPhoto
Yamaha FJ 1200 ABSYamaha 
Yamaha FZS 400 FazerYamahaPhoto
Yamaha GTS 1000 ABSYamahaPhoto
Yamaha SR 125YamahaPhoto
Yamaha SR 500Yamaha 
Yamaha SZR 660YamahaPhoto
Yamaha TDM 850YamahaPhoto
Yamaha TDR 125Yamaha 
Yamaha TRX 850YamahaPhoto
Yamaha TT 600 EYamahaPhoto
Yamaha TT 600 SYamahaPhoto
Yamaha V-Max 1200YamahaPhoto
Yamaha WR 250ZYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XC 125 TR Cygnus RYamaha 
Yamaha XJ 600 NYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJ 600 S DiversionYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJ 900 S DiversionYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJR 1200YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJR 1200 SPYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 600 EYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XTZ 600 TénéréYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 1100 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 125 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 250 S ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 535 S ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 535 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 750 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XVS 650 Drag StarYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XVZ 1300 A Royal StarYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XVZ 1300 Royal Star Tour ClassicYamahaPhoto
Yamaha YP 250YamahaPhoto
Yamaha YZF 1000 R ThunderaceYamahaPhoto
Yamaha YZF 600 S ThundercatYamahaPhoto
Yamaha YZF 750 R GenesisYamahaPhoto

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