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RE: What is the Valve Gap size for the 2005 c50\\\\\\\\´? 05 Suzuki Boulevard C50 discussion forum:
RE: What is the Valve Gap size for the 2005 c50\\\\\\\\´?

RE: What is the Valve Gap size for the 2005 c50\\\\\\\\´? 
stinger said 2011-01-29 04:54:16 

If you have a stand or lift, raise the bike; if not, place a 2X4 block of wood under the side stand to prop it up, but make absolutely sure it is firm to avoid having it fall down.

Remove seats and gas tank.

Remove the front cylinder right hand chrome head cover and take the spark plug out (or just loosen). Remove the rear cylinder left hand chrome head cover and also take the spark plug out (this makes it easier to turn the engine over by hand ). You will be working on the front cylinder valves from the right side of the bike and working on the rear cylinder valves from the left side of the bike.

On the top front and top rear of each cylinder head are the valve covers (four in total). Remove them ([six] 8 mm & [two]10 mm nuts). Make sure you note exactly where and how each cover is placed since they have a thick and thin side. It\\\\\\\´s a cumbersome process and you will have to loosen the wiring straps (and other stuff) and move around the wiring harness (and other stuff) that runs along the top of the frame to get better access. If your fingers are not so nimble you might have to take out the front carb. The valve covers have rubber O-rings which must be cleaned before reinstall (if the O-rings are flattened or in bad condition, buy new ones). Also, clean the valve covers well and make sure you place the O-ring back in correctly, since it fits in a certain manner. Coat the O-rings with a little oil before reinstall.

On the left engine case cover is a large slotted plug, remove; be very careful since the plug is chrome and sometimes very tight, therefore you can mess it up real easy. This plug has a rubber O-ring which you must cleaned (replace if damaged); smear a little oil before reinstalling. Under that plug is a nut (17 mm) you use to turn the engine crankshaft counterclockwise. Just in front of this large plug is a smaller plug on the front side of the left engine cover. Remove the smaller plug with an Allen wrench. This is the sight glass used to align your valve timing marks. There is an alignment arrow (a triangle) stamped on the case on the left side of the sight glass looking at it from the front.

Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise (if you look carefully, the direction arrow is stamped on the flywheel) {also, I turn the engine over a couple of times to take up any slack} until you see on the flywheel (very close to each other) one F/F and one F/T mark (meaning that the front cylinder piston is at top dead center and its exhaust and intake valves are either fully closed or open ). If you keep turning you will reach the R/F and R/T marks (meaning that the rear cylinder piston is at top dead center and its exhaust and intake valves are either fully closed or open). If for some reason you go past the marks, do not turn back, just keep on turning counterclockwise until you reach them again. Remember that you might have to go several turns because what you are trying to achieve is place the piston at TDC with the valves in the fully closed position, ie. \\\\
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