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RE: Is this a scam from jameschristoo@yahoo? Fraudulent ads, check fraud and internet scams discussion group:
RE: Is this a scam from jameschristoo@yahoo?

RE: Is this a scam from jameschristoo@yahoo? 
Sport Bike Lover said 2007-01-10 04:12:22 
Will, I did no see anyone else reply to your email, and since you sent it back in August 2006, hopefully you did not believe this guys story. YES, it is definitely a scam. All these scammers have a method, which is to find someone selling something for several thousand dollars, and they will send you a check for more than what you are asking. They push you to cash it right away, save some money for yourself (boy, how thoughtful!!) and send the rest back to them, or pay the shipping company.

The whole problem is that the check is fraudulent; even supposedly certified bank drafts or cashier checks can be faked. And that is the reason why they try to get you to send the extra money back to them right away; because there is not enough time for your bank to validate that the check is fraudulent. By the time your bank finds out, the scammer is long gone, and you have a bad check that you have to give the money back on. And since you gave most of the money back to them, or paid the shipper, then you are out not only the money, but your bike as well, if you already shipped it.

The reason I can state all this is because my wife had the exact same thing happen to her when she tried selling her horse. She was pressured by someone to cash a certified check that they sent, spend some of that money on a shipper, save some for her troubles, and send the rest back to them, with the horse. Fortunately, she was very unsure of the deal, and when she waited about 2 weeks to verify the check, she found out it was fake. She was lucky that she waited ; she was not out any money, and she did not ship her horse. Lesson learned!!!

A previous post said it best; if you cannot put your hands on it, or somehow deal in person, then it is most likely a scam. Even if the deal looks too good to pass up, in the end it will cost you!!
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