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RE: 1st bike Customization & cruisers discussion group:
RE: 1st bike

RE: 1st bike 
Relax said 2003-10-13 11:03:44 
I am exactly in same situation - gonna by a cruiser spring time next year. Ian 43 years old and about 233 lbs.
I´ve done a little rersearch and my conclusions ( which is to be discussed !! ) are:
1. Harley - freaks doesn´t discuss cruisers outside harley´s
But for open minded pċeople , there suer are !

2. If you mostly go 1 up , you can do well in a 750 or 800 cc, like f. inst. Yamaha Virago 750 , Suzuki intruder 800 , Kawasaki Vulcan , or Honda shadow 750.

If you plan very often to going 2 up - you should probably consider a 1100 or 1400 cc bike.
And , may be take a closer look at the "back seat" as well..
F .inst. the Shadow "back seat" is quiet small and not as comfortable as f.inst. the Intruder seat.

You will also see ( if you read spec? ) that the torque is at lower rpm on 1100 and 1300 cc bikes... that means they are not only more powerful , they also got it at lower rpm- whick means less gearshifting has to be done = more calm and relaxed riding which "cruising" is all about!

3. Are you the kind of guy who take your bike to the shop for service regularly , or are you replacing oil ,oil filter etc yourself?
Some bikes have autm. adjustment of valves and register chain , shaft drive an so on.. that means very little ( low cost ) maintenance - and the bike will still always be fine.

4. Sound. Some rush to get the exhaust pipes that makes the Harley sound.. it´s supposed to be very cool !
I , myself , are more looking for a more quiet time.. especially when you are going for a longer time on the road..
AND in particular if you go 2 up... The noise is worse for your "virgin" on the back seat than for the driver.

5. Size of bike could be a little depending on where you mostly wil be going.
A large Kawa 1500 or the new Suzuki 1500 Intruder etc..would be the very best on the highway or on countyside roads... but for more street riding , getting around corners , for parking etc. a 1100-1400 could be smoother..
6. An air( & oil) cooled bike is prettier than a liquid cooled bike.
It got more crome on the engine and no "ugly" black register for the water. Of course liquied cooled motors are more presicely temperatur controlled , but you are going quiet extreem if a air cooled bike don´t do the job.
And ..let´s face it cruiser bikes are supposed to be a perle..

My conclusion from my resaerch ( so far ) is that i should be very fine on a Yamaha Virago 1100 , but i would be a "king" on a Suzuki Intruder 1400.
I feel if i buy a 800cc bike , i shall always be thinking :" How would it be if i had a 1400"
If i was 25 i would have time to start with a 800..but we are both more than 40..let us do a grown up decision ..like cruiser guys do!

We pretend to be rational guys,, but of course we are not - we buy a cruiser cause we love that feeling!

Good luck! relax

The bikdes I have drawn your attentions to are these kind of "laid back" cruisers.. they give a more upright sitting posision for both on...
If you are comfortable with a bit more leaning forwards a Yamaha Dragstar is also a very nice bike, and Suzuki got nice that kind of bikes in size 800 cc.

Of course there are houndreds of other bikes - i just go for japanesse bikes cause i know them will be running without problemns for miles after miles...

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