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Voxan motorcyclesVoxan motorcycles from 1970 to present day

All Voxan motorcycles made from 1970 and up to present day. You can have the list sorted by year or model name. Click on a model name to see technical specifications, pictures, ratings, discussions, reviews, etc. You can also sell or buy these motorcycles through our efficient Bikez.biz Free Motorcycle Classifieds.

Please tell us about any model not included, preferably with specifications. We would also be grateful for submission of photos where such are missing. You can get your bike and name on Bikez.

Voxan motorcycle modelsYearPicture
Voxan Black Classic2010Picture
Voxan Black Magic2010Picture
Voxan Black Magic2009Picture
Voxan Black Magic2008Picture
Voxan Café Racer2001Picture
Voxan Cafe Racer 052010Picture
Voxan Charade Racing2010Picture
Voxan Charade Racing2009Picture
Voxan Charade Racing2008Picture
Voxan Roadster2001Picture
Free motorcylce ads Voxan Scrambler
Voxan Scrambler 1000
Voxan Scrambler Voyager
Voxan Street Scrambler
Voxan Street Scrambler2009Picture
Voxan V 1000 Noveau Roadster2009Picture
Voxan V1000 Cafe Racer2009Picture
Voxan V1000 Cafe Racer2008Picture
Voxan V1000 Noveau Roadster2008Picture
Voxan V1000 Street Scrambler2008Picture
Voxan V2 Café Racer2000 
Voxan V2 Café Racer1998 
Voxan V2 Roadster2000 
Voxan V2 Roadster1998 
Voxan VX-102010Picture
All Voxan models shown on this page.

Voxan bikes

Detailed history of Voxan motorcycles kindly submitted by Voxan club de France:

December 26th, 1995. – The firm of Voxan started in the city of Issoire to built the only French motorbike in the world-wide motorbike business.
May, 1997. – For two years engineering, the first prototype Two cylinders engine Voxan went out for a full-scale first test. Thousands of kilometres road test had been done to confirm the theory result obtained by this prototype on the testing bench.
September, 1997. – After 21 months of life, Voxan showed its three first models at the World Motor Show in Paris.

Janary, 1998. - Jacques Gardette, the Voxan’s father, had been crowned Auvergnat of the Year for take up the challenge to relaunch the French motorbike industry.
December, 1998. – After few months delays, the Voxan pilot series bikes get out from the Issoire framework.
Janary, 1999. – The Dassault holding company entered the capital of Voxan firm. The flagship of the aeronautic industry gave to Voxan company a large-scale logistical and financial support.
March 23rd, 1999. – Two models of the new French motorbike had been shown to the French president Jacques Chirac in the Elysée house.

May 3rd,1999. – The Voxan motor bike surveys the Elysées Fields. With the favour of the machines delivery to first sixty-six dealers of the mark, an excursion of prestige is organised in the downtown Paris.
July 7th, 1999. - The office of the Departmental administration gave the official approval certificate to Mr Jacques Gardete for each type of Voxan models.
August 1999. – Due to non conformity spare parts with the specifications, the Voxan motorbike framework started to jam.
August 24th, 1999. – Many time advertised, many time delayed, the Voxan Roadster marketing, as planned in 1998, started only in may 1999. Only a hundred of this model has been delivered at this day. During a press conference, Jacques Gardette admitted : ´We made a mistake to previewed our motorbike at the Motorshow in Paris, in September 1997 [...] We burned the stages´.
February 22nd, 2000. - Jacques Gardette injected fresh money by yielding his participation at Biodôme, biomedical specialist, to the Baxter holding.
April 11th, 2000. - Voxan grew up with an another model : the “Cafe Racer”.

January 2001. - Voxan claims more place to produce its French motor bike with Issoire and threat to go to see elsewhere. But it needs thirty million French francs and the banks refused to follow.
June 29th, 2001. - The commercial court of Clermont Ferrand ordered a bankruptcy to the Voxan firm, with a six months of observation. Time is hoped to avoid the bankruptcy, 125 employment are concerned.

October 2nd, 2001. - Renault denied to be interested in the recovery of Voxan.
October 15th, 2001. - 80 % of the 125 paid, are hundred people, are put at the short-time working for one duration of quad weeks.
November 3rd, 2001. - The motorcyclists of whole France mobilized themselves behind Voxan. Five hundred pilots are streaming on the boulevards of the sub-prefecture of Puy de Dôme.
December 7th, 2001. - For lack of plan of continuation to continue the Voxan activity, the executives of the company deposit a plan of transfer to avoid the bankruptcy
December 21st, 2001. - Candidate with the resumption of last minute, the Swiss group Merker makes known himself at the time of the audience where the commercial court of Clermont Ferrand was on the point of ruling definitively on the fate of Voxan.
February 1st, 2002. - The commercial court of Clermont Ferrand accepts the plan of recovery proposed by Merker. The hopes reappears, but the ambitions seem very high.

March 2002. - Media storm on the doubtful and villainous relations of the person in charge for the Merker group. The employees fear the plundering of the technology of Voxan.

April 5th, 2002. - Withdrawal from the Merker group ´due to press campaign and unwillingness of the paid...´ dissimulating in truth one swindles pure and simple on behalf of the Merker group.

June 11th, 2002. - Study of the commercial court of Clermont Ferrand of several plans of recovery.

June 18th, 2002. - The commercial court of Clermont Ferrand grants the resumption of Voxan to the company of development and participation Guy Couach directed by Didier Cazaux, rich businessman. The modest claims its and respects the spirit of the mark. The hope returns, the continuation of the Voxan history sets out again with 16 paid and a production of 700 motor bikes per annum since 2003.

April 18th, 2003. - Official exit of the first motor bike of the assembly line in Issoire. Everyone awaited it, here thus, Scrambler 0001 new generation sees the day. It’s the beginning of a new era, Voxan Club of France wishes long and happy life with this mark which made us vibrate, laughed and cried during these 2 years of uncertainty.

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