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Review of the 2007 model Harley-Davidson  FLSTC  Heritage Softail Classic Review of the 2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic
Bought ours new in May of 07

2007 Harley-Davidson  FLSTC  Heritage Softail Classic photo
Picture credits - Harley-Davidson. Click to submit more pictures.

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We loved it when new, and now 4ys later we still do.
Review of the FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic submitted on 2011-08-03.

After 4yrs and 34k miles I am still sure we have the perfect bike for us.

I am almost 62 and the wife is 59, and we ride 2up almost 95% of the time.

In the four yrs it has never left us on the road side, never failed to start, and never dropped one drop of oil on the floor.

I use the dealerships for the first 15k and since have used our local INDY and myself.

At the 1K service I did the usual Stg1. Pipes. SE/AC and the SERT tuner plus dynoed.

Stayed that way till 16K when I added the cams. Andrews 26H´s.. love them
Until U put in some cams U really don´t know what Ur missing.
They cooled the motor another 15-20, she gets 2-4 more miles per gallon and now we can use 6th gear anywhere above 58mph easy, with power plenty to pass without downshifting..

Wife and I ride mostly on state two lanes and country road 4-5 times a week.
during summer, weather (rain) permitting.

Its been perfect in every way, Nothing has ever broke on her and all I´ve ever did was the normal maintenance.

On the 4th rear tire, and 2nd front in 34k. So far its 10k on rear and 20k on front.

Just changed the front pads at 30k and the rear at 16k and 30k. the Org set of rears was changed out at 16k when I did the cams. They still had probably another 5K if not 10k more but the dealer did them anyway. The second set I didn´t need them yet, but I was just getting ready to go on a 1500 miles ride through Virgina on the BlueRidge turnpike. Thought it´d be a good idea to not have to worry about the brakes at all in the mountains.

The wife and I normally just ride around in a 50 mile area and never rode out of state till 3 weeks ago.
The bags has plenty of storage for our daily rides, but for the trip to Vir, I bought the 1900 sq in overnite bag that mount on the sissy bar pad and hooks to the rear rack.

Having ridden a RK, Ultra, and a ST Glide, IMO the Heritage rides just as good to me, but the Ergonomics are a lot better in stock form.

SO Zero problems with the motor.
Great Ergo in stock form, no need to change out the seat or bars.
Handles great.
Rides is right there with the touring bikes.
Zero problem with the bike, period...

Still on the Org battery also, I do use a tender in winter storage.

For me she been a 10 in all categories

This review of the 2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic
was submitted by:   
Grandpa Tom

Motorcycle Reviews - 2007 Harley-Davidson  FLSTC  Heritage Softail Classic

This review of the 2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic was posted by a visitor on Bikez.com and does not necessarily reflect facts, truth or Bikez.com's opinions. Please report profane or otherwise inappropriate content by following this link.

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