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Review of the 2006 model Yamaha Stratoliner Review of the 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner
I downsized to a 1900 cc

2006 Yamaha Stratoliner photo
MEMO-S STRAT. Click to submit more pictures.

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I have been riding YAMAHAs since 1983 and recently ´downsized´ from my 99 RS VENTURE to the STRATOLINER. What a ride; MONSTER motor, great handling and power. I loved all of the four VENTUREs that I owned in the past, the STRATOLINER is a GREAT motorcycle
Review of the Stratoliner submitted on 2006-10-10.

My time on YAMAHA VENTUREs goes back to the first I purchased in 1984. I rode THREE first generation VENTUREs and eventually bought a 96 ROYAL STAR as a second bike to the VENTURE. Eventually, the ROYAL STAR VENTURE was released and I rode a 99 RSV up until 2006. I got bored with the same bike, much like you get tired of the same girlfriend in high school. I almost quit riding. Along comes the LINER series of STAR bikes and I find myself conjuring up ways to convince my wife that I have to have a STRATOLINER.

I took delivery of an 06, silver STRATOLINER in early SEPT of 2006. The bike is gorgeous, quality that even defies my past experiences with YAMAHA quality. My first ride is met with some new noises (going from a water cooled V-4 to an air cooled V-twin). The noises indicate that I am sitting over 1900cc´s of MONSTER motor. This thing pulls in roll-on unlike anything I´ve ever ridden. It is smooth and fast and everything that you don´t expect the big twin to do.

The bike is nimble for such a LONG wheelbase and such a large motor. The entire package handles well and is easy to paddle around in slow ride situations. The seat is not quite to my liking and I will have to have a backrest in the future (I´m 54, this is normal at my age). The options for the seat are available and will require some research and some more MONEY !!!

Bottom line. I love the STRATOLINER and have received favorable reviews on its styling from all but ONE of my riding buddies. It is smooth, powerful, nibble and exceeds my expectations for this type of bike. Do I miss my RS VENTURE¿ No, not really. Once I get the seat to my liking, I expect to do long trips on the STRAT and get back to the basics of riding; big twin, lot´s of rumble and a GREAT riding motorcycle.

This review of the 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner
was submitted by:   
Dave Leibold

Motorcycle Reviews - 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner

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