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Review of the 2004 model Yamaha TDM 900 Review of the 2004 Yamaha TDM 900
TDM NOT Tedium

2004 Yamaha TDM 900 photo
Picture credits - Yamaha. Click to submit more pictures.

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On paper, I kept coming up with the TDM, but I didn´t like its looks. It fulfilled all the criteria I had on my wish list for a bike: Light,lowish seat hight, upright riding position, good commuter, capable tourer and not stupid money.
Review of the TDM 900 submitted on 2006-07-12.

First impression. WOW. It goes a lot quicker than expected and boy does it flick into the bends easily. Bit lumpy at low revs and requires a bit of care coming out of slow turns such as roundabouts, as the power seems to surge a bit; I find it best to feather the clutch very slighty to smooth out the power delivery. This is a known ´fault´ of this bike and Yamaha really should have sorted it out by now.

Having owned a number of tourers and sports tourers bikes, last one an FJR 1300, I was not expecting the TDM to be ultra comfortable and both my wife and I felt a bit of bum ache at aroud the 50 mile mark, which was a bit dissapointing.The seat is like a plank of wood. Typically Yamaha. After 100 miles, we were glad to be home.I noticed my feet were aching from the footpegs, due possibly to the low seat height and causing more weight to bear down on the pegs. This obviously varies from rider to rider, as we´re all different shapes and sizes, and comfort is a subjective thing, so I would not want anyone put off by these observations. The TDM can easily return 45 mpg on a run, two-up.I zip along a bit so I would imagine nearer 50 mpg is achievable.

Not too easy to keep clean as there are lots of nooks and crannies but there is not much shiny stuff to buff up and the finish is still good after 1 winter. The rear footpeg hangers are unlaqcuered polished alloy and need looking after if being ridden on salty roads.

The TDM is a really capable and easy to live with bike and I think I will be keeping this one for a few years. On the twisty stuff, this bike is the dogs dangly bits. Get a comfort seat, chuck on some panniers and a top box and you have a bike for all occassions.

No main stand, uncomfortable seat,a bit plain to look at but most of all, It´s called a TEDIUM. It it anything but!

This review of the 2004 Yamaha TDM 900
was submitted by:   
Geoff Reed

Motorcycle Reviews - 2004 Yamaha TDM 900

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