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Review of the 1993 model Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport Review of the 1993 Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport
Relax with the Electra Glide Sport

1993 Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport photo
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I have had my 1993 1340 Electra Glide for three months and have put 11,000km on it so far. It had 40,000km on it when I bought it in 2008. It had been sitting for three years. I did have to do a few things to get it running properly.

Review of the 1340 Electra Glide Sport submitted on 2008-10-14.

Clean Carb, change gas lines hoses and all oils. Gas tank was dry so fresh gas was needed.

Once that was all done I took it on a 4,000km trip to the east coast. Some thought I was crazy to take an unknown bike on a trip but it ran perfect and I think needed a good run. There is nothing better for a bike than to take it on a good trip to clean it all out. Your running fresh gas through it tank after tank cleaning out the hoses with every mile.

This Harley has a rumble that I love, even with stock pipes on it I want to ride it all day long.

No need for custom seat makers on this bike, the touring seat is perfect for both driver and passenger. My wife liked it better than the Sergent seat on our BMW.

Cornering unlike many this bike never scrapes the floor boards, take those corners you´ve got the clearence. Power is plenty for two up, from 60km to 140km. I love this Harely!

The 1340 Electra Glide 1993 has it all.
Looks like a bike should look. Power to pull away with two up and loaded. Comfort with the Air shocks fron and back aswell as the big touring seat.
Lets not forget the purr of the bike as it rolls down the highway. It is why people buy Harleys but with this Harley you get much more for your money.

If you can find one like I did, count yourself lucky because they are a bike you will never get rid of as long as you ride.

This review of the 1993 Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport
was submitted by:   
Bob Webb

Motorcycle Reviews - 1993 Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport

This review of the 1993 Harley-Davidson 1340 Electra Glide Sport was posted by a visitor on Bikez.com and does not necessarily reflect facts, truth or Bikez.com's opinions. Please report profane or otherwise inappropriate content by following this link.

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