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Review of the 2002 model Honda NSS 250 Reflex Review of the 2002 Honda NSS 250 Reflex
2001 Reflex 250

2002 Honda NSS 250 Reflex photo
Picture submitted by anonymous user.. Click to submit more pictures.

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Honda NSS250 Reflex: Scooter worlds better compromise. A Large Small Light scooter. 250cc 65+ mpg. 70+ mph. Great looks and reliable.
from Honda-Reflex-owners@googlegroups.com

Review of the NSS 250 Reflex submitted on 2005-11-10.

Ive owned many Bikes and
I can honestly say A Reflex scooter has generated as much excitement as
any of the above and more than some.
Not sure but Ill try to explain.
One of the reasons Ive owned so many kinds of bikes is because Ive
always been dis-satisfied in one area or another with whatever ride I
had at the time.
Seems my unhappiness fit into one or more catagory listed.
Too tall, too uncomtable, too buzzy, bad gas mileage, too large, heavy,
unreliable, special tools needed, or dependin on my income at the time,
too expensive to own.
This may sound a bit embishing but my new wheels, A Honda Reflex Maxi
Scooter, dosent fit into any of the catagories above.
Ill explain.
Ive always been looking for that perfect compromise and yet not to
task specific.
Scooters were devoped, designed and have evolved with one goal in mind. Common Sense.
There is a lot you might not want to do on a Reflex. But people are
doing them all the time.. Cross Country touring,
racing through the mountains or shortcutting a dirt road. Although they
are quite capable.
That said.
I like to take trips, but not to long, I like cruzing but hate hot
stoplights. I like carving up a twisty road but lets face it with age
you realize your sir are no boy racer. You seem to develop more common
sense with age. Less Reckless.
At 48 wheelies are an endearing memory as is stoppies.
On this bike I can lean as far as I desire without concern. (pretty dam
far I might add.) I can with comfort take short to mediun length trips two to for days.
And if I want to get off the highway and venture downtown to explore a
city the lack of shifting or engine heat makes it a pure pleasure.
All the while getting better than 60 mpg
Now that Ive owned and ridden a lot of bikes Ive realized
something very important.
Anything on two wheels is really Cool!!

This review of the 2002 Honda NSS 250 Reflex
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Motorcycle Reviews - 2002 Honda NSS 250 Reflex

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