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Review of the 2006 model Honda 919 Review of the 2006 Honda 919
LOVE the 9191

2006 Honda 919 photo
cheezman-s 919. Click to submit more pictures.

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I just want to tell everyone what an awesome bike this is from lots of experience.
Review of the 919 submitted on 2012-11-17.

I love my bike. I´m a motorcycle courier in Los Angeles. I ride on average 100 miles EVERYDAY. In traffic on freeways. Long distance, short distance, in the HEAT, in the rain, etc., etc. It´s not for the most long distance touring, but other than that it does everything great.

I wanted this bike so much when I got it. I just wish mine still looked like the pics here! Yes, I crashed it twice. But, after 2 GOOD crashes and several other lay downs, around 200,000 miles (I lost my odometer due to crash at around 70,000 several years ago) the engine still pulls like new. NO oil leaks. It´s a beast!

I have the matte black color and it does bother me when some people come up to me and ask, ´is that a Ducati¿´ OR even worse. That´s like a Ducati copy.

Anyway, after many years of riding (25+), many different brands. Yes, I went through my ´wanting a Ducati´ phase. I think most riders do that until you really know what you are talking about. Then you don´t want one anymore. I am sticking with HONDA.
Hondas are always just a little bit nicer, a little more refined. A little bit more thought out in the design stage. There have been a couple stinkers in the small displacement machines. But, all the CB´s are great.
especially the big ones.

By the way. Stick with the original 919
or CB900 Hornet, as they are known in Europe. The new CB1000R looks to me to be about the same bike with a single sided swingarm (whoo hoo, big deal) and
a plastic (yuk) headlight mount. It does have inverted forks. But, for a Dollars 4000 price jump, I say look for a mint condition 919; they can´t be beat!!


This review of the 2006 Honda 919
was submitted by:   
Richard Livengood

Motorcycle Reviews - 2006 Honda 919

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