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Review of the 1986 model Honda VT 1100 C Shaddow Review of the 1986 Honda VT 1100 C Shaddow
An unbelievable machine

1986 Honda VT 1100 C Shaddow photo
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This bike is a fantastic mix of power, comfort, and fun.
Review of the VT 1100 C Shaddow submitted on 2012-08-17.

I purchased my 1986 1100 Shadow used 4 years ago. When I got it there was just over 60,000 kms on it. When I was younger I had it´s 750 sibling and I was very eager to try the 1100. I was not disappointed. The first time I started the bike I remembered why I loved my 750 so much. The sound was pure cruiser. A very satisfying deep rumble that turns to an angry growl when the throttle is twisted. There is a noticable thump from the big twin when you sit on it. You are very aware that you´ve got some power under your butt. In the time since I´ve purchased it, it has started on the first try at least 98% of the time. On the road is where this bike calls home. It consumes pavement efficiently and effortlessly. I find my best mileage is at 100 kph (60 mph). I get about 4.9 L/100kms (50 mpg US) at that speed. My tank will last me a little over 300 kms (about 185 miles) on 15 litres. Not sure where the Bikez.com got their specs for this bike. Their spec says it has a 13 litre tank. That is incorrect, unless the Canadian model had a larger capacity. It shifts smoothly through all 5 gears. The clutch and the front brake are both easy to handle even for someone with smaller hands like me. And for those of us that are vertically challenged, the low seat height is most welcomed. I´m 5´8´ and I can comfortably sit on this bike with both feet flat on the ground and a slight knee bend. The seating position is very comfortable, but I tend to get sore after a few hours. The passenger seat is not made for long trips, however. My wife needs a break about every hour when we´ve travelled long range. For a solo tourer you could do a lot worse. Back to the power. Passing at any speed is effortless. I very rarely have to gear down to pass at highway speeds. The high gear keeps the RPM around 3500 at 100 km/h and there´s lots to go before the redline. I usually don´t get into high gear in town. For town speeds 4th gear is quite comfortable. The brakes are very responsive. Again I´m not sure where the spec info comes from. My ´86 has dual discs on the front, not the single that is mentioned here. In short, this bike is a dream to ride. The COG is nice an low making low speed manuvering very easy. It´s a sharp looking bike too. Even at 26 years old, it still turns heads. I get weekly offers to purchase (mostly from the same guy). But I have no intention of giving it up. This is not a beginner bike. There´s a lot of power there that can get a beginner in trouble if they don´t know how to deal with it. This should be at best a second bike after a few good years on a middleweight. For a larger bike it´s not all that heavy. Fortunately, I´ve never had to pick it up. There are plenty of aftermarket accessories that can outfit this bike for touring. I recommend the Slipstreamer Enterprise II for a windshield. I haven´t got one at the moment, but I had one on my 750 and it was great. That, saddle bags and a sissybar bag and you´ve got all you need for a long trip. Tune ups are a breeze. Change the oil, the plugs, and the air filter and you´re done. I´m lookng forward to many more years with this bike.

This review of the 1986 Honda VT 1100 C Shaddow
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Motorcycle Reviews - 1986 Honda VT 1100 C Shaddow

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