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Review of the 2011 model Benelli 49X Quattro Nove X On Road Review of the 2011 Benelli 49X Quattro Nove X On Road
A mixed bag of elation and despair.

2011 Benelli 49X Quattro Nove X On Road photo
Picture credits - Benelli. Click to submit more pictures.

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I´ve had the on road 49X for about 18 months and I love riding it but it is a love hate relationship.
Review of the 49X Quattro Nove X On Road submitted on 2012-02-24.

When I bought the 49X I just loved the look of it and as I am 6 foot tall and nearly 15 Stone I wanted a big bike.

It didn´t even get me home from the dealer, it just rang out of steam and I was being careful as I want the bike to last a long time, and really that has been the story for the life of the bike, a few exhilarating runs then the run back to the dealer, who has been brilliant, I must say. I think only a masochist would deal in these bikes as the time spent nursing this little s# must eat away any profit from the sale.

The indicators failed then the rev counter cable broke, due to an over-tight run to the front hub. At the moment it´s a pig to start after the cold spell, it started once last week after leaving the plug out for a day and fully charging the battery but by the time I got my coat it gave up the ghost again, will try again when it gets warmer, perhaps July or August!

The rear light assembly is hanging on by a bit of plastic glue as the flimsy screw assembly holding it in place gave up a long time ago, shame it sticks out at the back like a handle, expect I grabbed it while reversing one time.

If you can forget all that and get out on one it is a joy to ride and very comfortable, so it just shows how often it goes wrong as it has only done 2000Km in the time I´ve had it.

It´s such a shame that so much has gone wrong on this bike as I really want to write nice things but it is just a temperamental little spoilt B# that I want to hate, but can´t.

This review of the 2011 Benelli 49X Quattro Nove X On Road
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Motorcycle Reviews - 2011 Benelli 49X Quattro Nove X On Road

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