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Review of the 1997 model Kawasaki ZZR 600 Review of the 1997 Kawasaki ZZR 600
excellent beginnerīs bike

1997 Kawasaki ZZR 600 photo
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Well, Iīve been riding this thing for a year now so I suppose itīs about time to submit a review and get the word out of this wonderful bike.
Review of the ZZR 600 submitted on 2007-09-09.

First of all, this is an EXCELLENT beginnerīs bike. My sister picked it up and in two days of parking lot ride sessions (about an hour a day) was completely comfortable on the street. Some reasons why:

A very low seat height. Not too low, unless you merely seek a challenge, but just about anyone can touch both feet, if not heels to the ground.

Somewhat upright riding position. No you will not be deprived of a sport-riding position, but it is a far cry from the newer trend on hunching over the handlebars until you need a chiropractor. A soft seat and low seat height (as mentioned before) all come together to make a very comfortable, at ease riding position.

Itīs still a sport bike! This thing can still go very fast, but only if you keep the RPMīs high. Thus, you wonīt take off too fast unless you really want to. It has the power to wheelie over backwards, though thankfully God gave me a brain big enough to never get close to it. Nontheless, while drag-racing my brother, the wheel came up a little. Also, it is light enough to have a very nimble feel (at least compared to the CBR XX and ZX9R I have ridden. In short, I have had many a toe-scraping adventure with this friendly beast, and it will keep you satisfied for a while.

Durability. To be honest Iīm more of a Honda fan simply for the sturdiness of their bikes. This, however, is an exception. This bike has at least 45,000 miles on it (the odometer doesnīt go into the 100,000īs) and I have had virtually no problems in my daily commute or rides in the back roads in spite of the terrible condition I received it from its previos owner.

In short, everything about this bike is very friendly for a new rider, but still can hold its own against any car youīll come across on the street (not that you should engage in street races-BAD reader, BAD). I would highly recommend it, though this year is itīs 10th birthday, it still looks good too...considering. Well most people canīt tell the difference when youīre showing off to you friends anyways ;) But yes, good bike, I would highly recommend it for newer riders, or even a rider looking for a break from his compact sporty, back-breaking pure-sport bike.

This review of the 1997 Kawasaki ZZR 600
was submitted by:   
Matt Corey

Motorcycle Reviews - 1997 Kawasaki ZZR 600

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