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Review of the 2007 model Suzuki Boulevard M50 Review of the 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50
Problem with my new M50

2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50 photo
Picture credits - Suzuki. Click to submit more pictures.

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I´ve had this bike for 2 weeks and not getting a serious vibration problem resolved from the Suzuki Dealer
Review of the Boulevard M50 submitted on 2007-06-07.

I previously owned a 1996 Suzuki Intruder 800cc and really enjoyed it, thats what helped me decide to buy the M50.
When I left the dealer with my new Suzuki M50 I immediately noticed a little vibration from the front of the bike and thought the tires were just a little out of round from sitting for long periods. This will usually smooth out as the tires warm up.
I was really enjoying myself with the quick acceleration and ease of maneuverability of the M50. The brakes were a little weak and I thought they needed to break in a little to seat the rear shoes and front disc. The bike now has 800 miles and the front brakes do feel much better but the rear brakes feel very weak even for a drum brake.
The vibration became more noticable as I would ride between 45-55mph on smooth roads. It would sometimes start to oscillate and could be felt at the handlebars. I brought the M50 in to a local Suzuki dealer and they checked and balance the front and rear wheels.The Vibration/Oscillations continued and they recommended taking apart the drive shaft and differential.
At this point I thought I had a serious problem with my brand new M50 and took it back to the dealer where I purchased it. They test drove the M50 and some observed the Vibration/Oscillations while others did not. They balanced the wheels again and told me the bike was okay now.
I picked up the bike and the Vibrations/Oscillations continue.When it happens I can place one hand on the rear fender and feel that it is coming from the rear of the M50. Sometimes I can see the forks moving in and out with the Oscillations. This is very noticable at night as it makes the headlight beam jump up and down rapidly. This is all while riding on a very smooth road!
I contacted American Suzuki customer support and they told me the bike is okay but I can get a second opinion at another dealer but I will be liable for any expenses if they find no problem.
So I talked to the local dealer (not where I purchased it) and they will contact American Suzuki about this problem. They also informed me that they could not spend days trying to pinpoint the exact component that is defective as Suzuki will only pay them back for the component and labor for that part only. That would not be cost effective for them and I appreciate their honesty.
So I guess I am at the Mercy of American Suzuki about what to do with this defective M50. One of my concerns is the long term reliability of this M50. Surely this Vibration/Oscillation will stress other components and cause premature failures of other items. What would happen if the problem got suddenly worse during highway speeds.

This review of the 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50
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Motorcycle Reviews - 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50

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